Jul 13, 2017


Following her nomination for this year's Best Independent Album or EP for her album Blastoma, we spoke with Ngaiire about her soundtrack to 2017. We asked her to pick her 3 favourite tracks from her fellow AIR nominees and describe what it was about each track that resonated with her.

After careful consideration, Ngaiire explains just what it is she loves about the following tracks from D.D Dumbo.


Brother - This is very good.

Ironically, Brother feels like what a woman feels like when it's full moon. Personally full moons make me feel like jumping off bridges. Sometimes in the 'I'm so invincible and impossibly flawless nothing can touch me' kind of way and sometimes in the 'I feel senile, the world is ending, why do my emotions rule me' kind of way. Sometimes both in equal parts. 


Satan -  I imagine chopping a big hunk of raw meat with a cleaver to this for some reason.
 Listening to him has a tendency to make me feel primitive and human and often like I'm watching my own life play out in a video game. Genius.  


In the Water - Had me at plankton. I'd like to know what his obsession with sea creatures are. It's cute.
This is about being in the water but I'm in space and interstellar and thinking about everything that's bigger then me.
The production on this is incredibly beautiful. 


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