Jul 25, 2017


After a cracking year for independent labels, we spoke to Tom Fraser, manager of Melbourne label and AIR Awards Best Independent Label Nominee, Pieater, about the workings of what he considers his musical family.

What’s in a name? Why is your label called what you’re called? 

We spent ages thinking about names for our label and just didn't connect on anything. When Big Scary began the password to all Big Scary sites was "pieater", the word meant something to us all as we'd used it from day one. Seemed fitting to start the label this way


A day in the life. What happens in a typical day in the life of your label? 

Answer emails while the family do the real work creating art in our studio BellBird. Creating great art is number one for us


What release/releases are you most proud of being involved in and why?

I can't choose my fav child, v proud of them all. Every release we learn something new and plan to execute it better than the last


What album do you wish you had released and why? Or which artists do you wish were part of your roster? 

Before Big Scary wrote their first album "Vacation", they demo'd tracks in a friend's abandoned mansion in Melbs. It was mostly for fun and testing out recording techniques. They become known as "The Manor Sessions" and it's like the best unheard album ever! One day I'll get it out there


 What do you see as the toughest problem facing record labels in the future? (And what would be your solution?)

Getting heard amidst the insane amount of new music. 
Create the best art possible, so each time fans/media/industry/family/friends know it's undeniable that they must check out your new release.


What’s next for your label?

New Christopher Port x2, long awaited Tom Snowdon project & getting as many of the fam as possible writing in BellBird



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