Jul 23, 2014

WIN Fair Digital Deals Declaration - Australian Independent Labels Pledge.

AIR was thrilled to see the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) launch the Fair Digital Deals Declaration last week. Countries across the world have teamed up for an initiative to ensure fair and transparent accounting of digital revenue to artists.

There has been a strong response from labels and trade associations across the globe including Australia, the result has been over 900 companies currently signed up. You can check out the entire list of labels here, with labels still having the opportunity to sign up.

The AIR board have all approved of the statement and are more than willing to adopt the declaration.

We’re really proud of the Australian Independent Labels that have already pledged towards the declaration some of which include: Cooking Vinyl, Voice Kontrol, Rubber Records, Future Classic, Inertia, Remote Control, Public Opinion, Mushroom Group, Resist Records, The Orchard, We Are Unified, Elefant Traks, WJO, Obese Records, ABC Music and MGM.

David Vodicka, Chairman of the Board of AIR - “The issue at hand is that the music industry at large has been confronted with a high degree of disruption and the advent of new legitimate streaming services has brought with it much greater opportunities for transparency in reporting. As a result, there is greater scrutiny over that reporting and it opens up the dialogue directly with artists about what is 'fair'. Increasingly, the majors seek to bury their obligations to repatriate funds to their artists, without whom they would have no business. This isn't a path that the independents seek to endorse and in fact see it as a great opportunity in promoting this attitude as a key selling point to working with independent record labels"

Members of AIR’s board who have signed up to the declaration have also offered their praise.

Future Classic’s Ed Sholl -  ‘Labels owe it to their artists to be transparent about royalties and digital income - this is something Future Classic is passionate about and as such we fully support the Declaration’. 

UNFD’s Matthew Rogers – ‘Unified, through its group of labels, helps build careers by working collaboratively with our artists. Transparency in accounting and operations is a cornerstone of this collaboration as it builds trust and respect. We support WIN and the Fair Digital Deals statement as it embodies our ongoing approach to music’.

The Orchard’s Brad Navin – ‘Since 1997, The Orchard has empowered the independent community by negotiating fair terms on behalf of our global client base, which represents almost 25% of the music that's available on iTunes for digital distribution. Additionally, through direct client access to detailed royalty statements and daily sales activity, we provide ultimate transparency to our clients. The Orchard has always upheld the points in WIN's Fair Digital Deals Declaration; signing it publicly reinforces our commitment to the independent sector.


It’s not too late for independent labels to sign up to the Fair Digital Deals Declaration and we’d like to encourage any labels willing to pledge to download the declaration here and return it to joanna@air.org.au.